Beach Wreaths, Custom Wreaths

In May of 2017, I took a wreath making class. It was challenging but fun and rewarding. A long time friend taught the class and had made a custom wreath for me as well, (which I love and still have on my door to this day). I acknowledged how much I enjoyed the class but thought I could never/would never make my own. Fast forward to August of 2017 and I've taken all of her classes (and am scheduled for future classes as well), invested in supplies for mass production and signed up to sell my wreaths at a local market in September 2017. I've created over 50 wreaths in less than 90 days and I've sold just over 20 of them. I have 10 open custom orders and I absolutely love what I do. Looking back now, always know that life will give you opportunities to experience new things and if you act on those opportunities, who knows what you will be capable of doing. 3 months ago, if someone would have asked me if I wanted to make them a wreath, I would have declined and said I don't know how to do them and it's not really my thing. Well, it's my "thing" now and I just love it! Thank you for taking a couple of moments to read my story and visit my page. Your time is valuable and I appreciate you spending it on me and my creations. Cheers!